Gallery Whispers

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Key Features
Author(s) Quintin Jardine
Publisher Headline Book Publishing
Date of Publication 2000
Language English
Format Paperback
Publication Data
Place of Publication London
Country of Publication England

Gallery Whispers With his boss recovering from a heart attack, Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner is filing his shoes - and that means more tie than he'd like sitting behind a desk. But he's about to be provided with more drama than he could ever want. One of the world's most ruthless terrorists is on his way to Edinburgh and he can only have one thing on his mind: the forthcoming conference of world Heads of Government. If Skinner doesn't pick up his trail fast, he could have a global disaster in his backyard. While all eyes are focused on the terrorist threat, a terminally ill woman is found dead - an apparent suicide. But a policewoman sees the subtle marks of an assisted death - and therefore, according to the law, murder. It is the beginning of an ominous pattern. For Skinner, the desperate race to find a heartless terrorist mixes uneasily with the search for a mercy killer a search which takes on a poignant personal significance. One thing's for sure, Skinner will soon be staring death straight in the eye... This is the ninth book in the acclaimed Skinner novels.

Author Biography

Quintin Jardine (born June 29, 1945, in Motherwell, Scotland) is an author of crime novels. He is best known for his two series of crime novels featuring the characters Oz Blackstone and Bob Skinner.