Incredible Hulk 338 (Vol 1) “Mercy Killing”

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Format: Comic

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Key Features
Author(s) Peter David
Illustrator Todd McFarlane
Publisher Marvel Comics Group
Date of Publication 1987
Language English
Format Comic
Publication Data
Place of Publication U.S.A.
Country of Publication U.S.A.

Incredible Hulk 338 (Vol 1) "Mercy Killing"

Incredible Hulk 342 First Appearance of Mercy Bruce Banner, Rick Jones, and Clay Quartermain are on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. Bruce can't recall the events that got them to that point. A woman appears to him in a dream. She proclaims herself to be an angel of mercy. She helps people with particularly burdensome problems by killing them. In the meantime, S.H.I.E.L.D. has picked up the tracking signal from the device placed on the stolen RV. Bruce, Rick, and Clay go to a hospital looking for Betty. She is no longer there, having left the day before with someone named Ramon. Bruce doesn't remember how Betty ended up in the hospital and he fears that it was his fault. The mysterious woman reappears in the hospital. Bruce narrowly escapes being killed. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Senator Tidewater is approached by a shadowy man who claims to be an admirer of the Senator's. It is hinted that the shadowy man is the Leader. Night falls and Bruce turns into the Hulk. Rick tries to strike a bargain with the Hulk based on their mutual interest in finding some Gamma bombs, mass manufactured by the government. Just then, the woman appears again to put the Hulk/Bruce out of his misery. She explains herself as being a missionary from another planet before she again tries to kill the Hulk with energy she fires from her hand.

Author Biography

Peter David, born 23 September 1956, is an American writer of comic books, novels, television, films and video games. His notable comic book work includes an award-winning 12-year run on The Incredible Hulk, as well as runs on Aquaman, Young Justice, Supergirl, Fallen Angel, Spider-Man 2099 and X-Factor. - Wikipedia

Artist Biography

Todd McFarlane, born 16 March 1961, is a Canadian comic book creator and entrepreneur, best known for his work as the artist on The Amazing Spider-Man and as the writer and artist on the horror-fantasy series Spawn. -Wikipedia