Iron Man 129 “Dread Night of the Dreadnought!”

Condition: This comic appears in fine/very fine condition. It is nice looking copy with nice gloss and eye appeal, rich colours, small pencil repricing in top right corner. White to off white pages.

Format: Comic

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Key Features
Author(s) David Michelinie
Illustrator Sal Buscema
Publisher Marvel Comics Group
Date of Publication 1979
Language English
Format Comic
Subject Iron Man
Publication Data

Iron Man 129 "Dread Night of the Dreadnought!" Information about the story and characters in this issue can be found at Iron Man 129.

Author Biography

David Michelinie (/ˌmɪkəˈlaɪni/; born May 6, 1948) is an American comic book writer best known for scripting Marvel Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man and the DC Comics feature Superman in Action Comics. Among the characters he created or co-created are Venom, Carnage, Scott Lang/Ant-Man and War Machine.

Artist Biography

Sal Buscema (/bjuːˈsɛmə/; Italian: [buʃˈʃɛːma]; born Silvio Buscema, 26/01/1936) is an American comics artist, primarily for Marvel Comics, where he enjoyed a ten-year run as artist of The Incredible Hulk. He is the younger brother of comics artist John Buscema.