Green Lantern (Vol 4) 7 “A Perfect Life Part One”

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Format: Comic

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Key Features
Author(s) Goeff Johns
Illustrator Carlos Parcheco and Jesus Merino
Publisher DC
Date of Publication 2006
Language English
Format Comic
Subject Superman
Publication Data
Place of Publication New York
Country of Publication U.S.A.


Green Lantern (Vol 4) 7 "A Perfect Life" More information about the story and characters in this issue can be found at

Author Biography

Geoffrey Johns (born January 25, 1973) is an American comic book writer, screenwriter and film and television producer. He served as the President and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of DC Entertainment from 2016 to 2018 after his initial appointment as CCO in 2010. Some of his most notable work has used the DC Comics characters Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and Superman.
In 2018, he stepped down from his executive role at DC Entertainment to open a production company, Mad Ghost Productions, to focus on writing and producing film, television and comic book titles based on DC properties. Some of his work in television includes the series Blade, Smallville, Arrow and The Flash. He was a co-producer on the film Green Lantern (2011) and a producer on Justice League (2017). He co-wrote the story for Aquaman (2018) and the screenplay for Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).

Carlos Pacheco (/pəˈtʃɛkoʊ/; born November 14, 1962)[1] is a Spanish comics artist and penciller. He is best known in the United States for his work on titles such as Avengers Forever, X-Men and Green Lantern.
Jesús Merino (born 1965) is a Spanish comic book artist, best known in the American comic industry for his collaborations with penciller Carlos Pacheco.