The Light of Eden

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Key Features
Author(s) W.A. Harbinson
Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd
Date of Publication 1987
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 0552126500
ISBN-13 9780552126502
Subject Science Fiction
Publication Data
Place of Publication London
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Imprint Corgi

The Light of Eden by W.A. Harbinson Also known as Eden. The revised edition was published in 1998. As dawn breaks over Glastonbury, England, an unearthly black cloud swallows the ancient town, leaving only a primordial swamp... In Mesopotamia, Frances Devereux, doctor and psychic, is swallowed by a similar cloud and finds herself trapped in an 'unreal' world where she and her two male companions descend into a primitive orgy of violence, sex and, eventually, murder. Escaping from that world, back to 'reality', Frances then embarks on an extraordinary voyage of discovery... and self-discovery. First published in 1986, reprinted by New English Library, London, in 1998, Eden is a powerfully erotic novel that also offers a unique take on the subject of alien contact.

Author Biography

William Allen Harbinson, who writes under the name W. A. Harbinson, is a British author. He is most well known for his Projekt Saucer five-volume series of science fiction novels. He also writes war novels, many with a special forces theme, under the pseudonym Shaun Clarke.