The Many-sided Triangle: Adoption in Australia

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Key Features
Author(s) Margaret McDonald
Publisher Melbourne University Press
Date of Publication 1997
Language English
Format B-format paperback
ISBN-10 0522849431
ISBN-13 9780522849431
Subject Social Issues, Services and Welfare
Publication Data
Place of Publication Carlton
Country of Publication Australia

A many-sided triangle is the paradoxical image by which this book seeks to capture the complexity of child adoption. This is the first comprehensive account of the history of adoption in Australia, its law and practice. Careful consideration of social context throws light on why adoption reached such a peak of popularity in the early 1970s, then rapidly declined. The authors welcome our present understanding of its long-term effects. But might the new orthodoxies prove as coercive, in their own way, as the old ones? Audrey Marshall and Margaret McDonald write from long professional experience as social workers. Their approach is practical, evenhanded and empathetic. They look at the drama of adoption from the viewpoint of all the participants, including workers in the various systems. Using many case examples, they give the people involved a chance to have their say. This is t only an invaluable handbook for all workers, professionals, administrators, teachers and students in the field. It is also a reliable source of information, guidance and comfort for anyone caught up in adoption.

Author Biography

Margaret McDonald was Officer-in-Charge of the NSW State Adoption Service, 1985-89. Audrey Marshall was for ten years Director of Counselling, Family Court of Australia. Between them they have some seventy years' experience in direct casework, development of services and contribution to adoption policy.